Western Robotics BEC 6,0V 10/15A with backup capacitors

BEC data (Manufacturers data)
Voltage: 8,2V
Durable current: 10A
Peak current: 15A

Test components / settings
Logo 800 XXTreme w/o blades
Swash servos: Savox SB 2271 SG
Tail servo: Savox SB 2272 MG
Standard VStabi Blueline
Futaba S-Bus
Pitchpump 100

Using capacitors in values of 25 or 50 F together with a small electronic it could possibly feed the servos during a BEC failure - or not?



Using them for dampening in flight - it colud improve the BEC voltage very well. Only small drops are left.

The voltage drop is with a 25 F capacitor board at approximately 1,2V - this means there are 4,8V left. Safe flying!

But: Or tests for a emergency landing power feed failed here.  Even a 50F capacitor isn't enough for a 800 size heli ;-(