Feature: Bailout usage

The electric governor in the vbar has a great feature called "Bailout", in this context "Autorotation Bailout". Autorotation is a technique to land a helicopter on which power to the rotor has been lost. Autorotation is practiced as it is both a great help in safely landing your heli after power loss as well as a great technique to practice. When practicing an autorotation, you might want to abort the autorotation and have the rotor spool up again quickly. Normally this would take approximately 10 seconds to get the proper head speed. With the "Bailout" function, the head speed will be back to normal within 2-5 sec depending on the ESC. One precondition is that the main gear is strong enough.

In Version 5.2 and higher, we have added a feature called "Idle Bailout" which can be set in addition to the regular autorotation bailout. Here we run the motor in the lowest possible rpm during the AR. This has no effect on the pilots AR but we will be able to spool up the motor again very quickly, to abort an auto about to go wrong. It also is more friendly to the gears ;-) After a landing you must turn the motor off then back on, to have the soft spoolup again. Failing or forgetting to do this will result in a hot start on the ground. 

To enable check the Autorotation Bailout box in Gov II tab:


Now we have to program a "bailout" flight condition in the TX. Therfore set the throttle curve (flat) to a value between -90 and 0% in our pc display (will be lower half in TX display).


Bailout is now enabled in this flight condition. Use this bank for autorotations now. Switching back to the normal flight modes /banks, to abort an auto, will give a fast spoolup. Please check on the ground only w/o blades. The main gear can be stripped checking this with blades on the ground or the heli might do the 'funky chicken' ;-(

We recommend to fly any auto in bailout mode. When the heli sits on the ground after a succesful auto switch to "normal" auto (motor signal -100 %, off, no bailout) to get a soft start at the next spoolup.

This can be very easy done on a Futaba T8 TX, it has 2 fully programmable 3-way switches. One on the left and one on the right top corner. I use the left one for idle 1,2,3 and the right one for auto (off), normal (bailout), idle1-3. They can be set as logical switches to allow bailout / auto at every idle position ;-)