Step 5: Gear / RPM sensor settings

Our Vbar needs to know how many signals it will get at one rotation of the main shaft. This signals should be in a useful rate of course. Too less may cause bad RPM consistence, too much won't be used at all. So we have to set this right.

Gear settings:

  • Max. Headspeed: This headspeed will be given at 100% TX preset channel signal input. Set as low as possible for better resolution on the preset channel.
  • Gear Ratio: If you know the number of teeth only you will find a gear ratio calculator in the expert menu (doctor's hat left top). Please take note of the hover text, set to number of active magnets using magnets and sensor at the main wheel.
  • Sensor configuration: This is a prescaler to the sensor input signal. That means at a setting of 8 we will drop 7 signals and let the 8th one pass through. On electric motors it will be set to the number of pole pairs (half pole number) in most cases using a phase sensor. Set to 1 using magnets on the main wheel or other gear stage.

The ratio can be set up to 12.7. Using a heli with a higher ratio you can set the half of the ratio in this field and multiply the sensor configuration with 2.