IRCHA 2017


Today the Weather was perfect. This was a real IRCHA day: Lots of crowd, permanent action at center stage and most other flightpoints. Suuuper flights, not only at center stage, and finally much buzz in the vendor area.

During the power hours of the different vendors lots of giveaways where conducted, that where worth several thousand dollars. The big official raffle finished with the grand price from Mikado, Scorpion and Xpert. It was a full eqipped Logo 700 with VBar, VControl Radio, ESC, Motor and Servos.

The beauty of IRCHA is the possibility to have some flights in an relaxed atmosphere somwhere at a side spot. So i tested our new Logo 550 with metal head an VTX Blades. I really like it! This was in the evening as the raffle goes on.

Mikado presented the lineup of the new Logos as well as some new colors of the metal radio. It was interesting to watch when people grab the metal ones, and like the heavier weight so much. Most grabbed the blue and red metal one first ;)

Preparartion for the Mikado Powerhour:

About to try to make a Mikado team picture.

At the battle of brands, the best flights of the day could be watched, and IRCHA closed by a big fireworks, which was sponsored by BK this year.

Finally it was a great sucess, no hint that helis decline or something. I have seen lots of VBar Controls, which make me feel that we are heading the right way. At the battle of brands, more than half the pilots already used it. We got lots of feedback regarding the radio, so it was very inspiring to be there an listen.

Even if its quite demanding to take this long journey it was worth it. Now we all eagerly anticipate IRCHA 2018!


Today the weather was a bit average, strong wind and low temps where not as attractive as the classic IRCHA weather. Power Hours of the different companys showed impressive flights on center stage anyway.

The Top Pilots are able to fly in any condition, and make it look easy and nice. I did fly myself, but its really hard to adapt to the wind gusts. Its nice to just grab a heli which has an occasionally filled battery, bind it to my radio and fly it.

The Auto Competition at 6pm was imo the most fun hour at the day. The task was autorotating the heli through a low limbo line, and then land on a spot behind it. So some very interesting ar´s can be seen. I dont recognize if there was a winner, but it was really fun to see the competition with a good commentary.


Today was setup day. Everything gets adjusted to be perfect tomorrow. Nice Weather all day with a thunderstorm at evening time, just as we know it from IRCHA.

The talent competition was held at late afternoon, and showed nice flights to music. Some Pilots where very nervous flying in front of the crowd at IRCHA, but this is totally understandable. All went smooth and safe.

The day went quickly meeting with all the people of the scene talking about the latest news and developments. Its nice to meet friends that are usually speaded aroud the world in one spot. IRCHA is still the main meeting point of the szene.

02.08.2017 Evening

After an ultralong Day arrival at the Flightline at IRCHA


Just at the Airport in Paris, waiting for our flight to Cinicinnati