HELI-X and VBarControl Touch

Users of the HELI-X Simulator are now able to Sim with their VBar Control Touch over WiFi without any additional hardware. Since the Simulator uses the transmitters calibrated sticks and controls, no other programming is needed. Even the stick assignment and the usual switch assignment is already set, so it is just plug and play.

Update your radio, then you will get a new shop app, there you find the app in the "System" section. You can install the app as usual with your phone or any other browser.

For more Information on Heli-X see: https://www.heli-x.info/cms/blog/2020/12/19/version-9-1-available

In Heli-X there is a Option in "Global Settings" in "Input System Tab" check the "VBar Control Touch (IP)" Option. Note that Windows may ask once if the Port is being allowed to open by the Sim. Then start your radio with the app installed, and have Fun!