Pirouettes for NEOs

We have prepared a important update for you NEO users. Ultimative piruettes, especially for small helis like the LOGO 200.

Watch Kyle in this video, showcasing the new function in comparison to the old one.

But enough talking, just do the update and enjoy the new pirouette stability. You will notice it! This feature is active for all NEOs, but on bigger helis, the changes are far less noticeable.

Depending on your device you get the updates:

NEO mini Express Logo 200: pl 26
NEO mini Express: pl 99
NEO mini Pro: pl 32
NEO mini Pro Rescue: pl 71

The same update is available for all other NEOs as well.

Update with VBCT (EN)

Updating with PC (EN)

Updating with VBCT (DE)