Christmas Update VBar Control

The first major update for VBar Control is available! We pick up many if not most of your requests and wishes, and at the same time extend the range of features.

Thanks to our automated online update feature, getting the new stuff is extremely straightforward: download the new VBar Control Manager, connect your VBar Control to the computer, and watch it installing and updating. Please follow these Instructions!

Let me unveil a couple of the new features:

Logging feature redefined:

Log files and data collected during flight will be stored in a model-related folder in VBar Control, e.g. GPS tracks, logs from the current/voltage sensor. This way, you have all data together which belong together. VBar Control stores 50 files per model before overwriting older files with newer ones.

Offline Reader for collected data:

All collected data and log files can be read on the display of your VBar Control after turning off the model. Model Name and Battery Names help sorting through the files. Saved battery logs and even screenshots can be read directly on the display.

Different volume settings for different tasks:

Now you can set the volume for different tasks individually. This helps adjusting the sound output to your personal need:

Motor safety switch:

Now you can enable a second safety switch, to prevent the model from accidentally spooling up. Many pilots were used to have this extra bit of safety, and of course we take this into account. You can of course disable this feature, then everything works just like before. If enabled and set to 'Safe', a tiny lock icon will appear on the main screen, indicating that the model can not spool up.

Smart phone model finder:

A special feature which allows to easily find and retrieve a lost model that is equipped with a GPS Module for VBar Control. If the worst comes to the worst, you can scan a QR code using your smart phone, and see the latest position on it's installed map App. You can even get directions from your phone (might require a data plan and might cause additional cost from your provider).
This also works if the model is no longer powered up, since the last position is stored in VBar Control.

Receiver Battery Monitoring:

With this feature, you can monitor the receiver battery as precisely as the flight battery. Of course this makes mainly sense if you are using a receiver battery, but you can also monitor BEC voltage. For each model you can set an individual threshold when the alarm shall go off, to alert you that it is time to land and charge or replace the receiver battery.

Near field detection:

VBar Control automatically detects whether radio and receiver are in close proximity or not. This helps avoiding near field issues, like temporarily broken radio link or overdrive effects, and improves reliability when binding a receiver or when turning on the model. A N in a circle superimposing the signal strength-bars indicates near field conditions are detected and that this feature is active.

There are lots of further fixes and extensions in this release: sound output has been improved, arrangements for further features have already been made, and the internal processing has been significantly improved.

Here you find a description of the required steps