Information about VControl EVO

Dear customers!

After having published a possible safety-relevant issue (distance between main board and internal loudspeaker), and after having offered a temporary solution quickly, on 2023-03-16, we have news:

In the meantime, we have found a different loudspeaker for VBar Control EVO, which measures approx. 1.5 mm less in height.

We are re-fitting all VBar Control EVO now. All VBar Control EVO you bought back from Mar. 16th will already be OK!

We are re-fitting al VBar Control EVOs sent in for service with this loudspeaker, too, not with spacers. .

If you did not yet send in your VBar Control EVO, or if you have not yet made the modification, we urge you to do this now.

If you have already made the modification, we also ask you to send in your radio—but there is more time.

Customers inside EU must sent in directly to Mikado. Customers outside EU please contact service (at) before sending in.

Re-fitting the new loudspeaker requires re-programming the radio in a way that can not be achieved with public Apps. This is why we prefer doing this modification at our warehouse.

We are keen to see this problem solved once and for all, so all VBar Control EVO are on the same technical state as originally intended, to ensure they are safe to use, and with confidence—now and in the future.

For the inconvenience cause, and for the wait time, we want to say thank you to all affected customers: we will enable the VBar Control EVO Pro/Value Pack for free. The regarding serial numbers are below approx. 11004489.

If the pro was already purchased, please keep a note inside your shipment, we will find a individual solution.