Version 6.3

With this update we implement some wishes of customers that have collected since the last update. It is an Functional enhancement with new parameters for VBar Control Users and Users of other Radios.

We always try to make the update as easy as possible, so it is with this version. There is no new setup needed, just a general function check that is required after each update.

The following lists the new Functions of 6.3:

Support of a new temperature sensor that is to be released soon. Just plug into TELE1 and use it for IC Motor Temp sensing, or other applications. The App allows to set limits and produce warnings, displays and voice.

New parameter to adjust the real collective throw. Since NEO includes collective in the control loop already, this parameter allows to tell the control loop the effective collective angle.

New parameter to adjust the limit of the integral amount at the tail control. This is useful for weak tails like i.e. Fenestrons.

New parameter to intentionally discharge the integral at the Tail. This allows a virtual normal mode as well as a real historic normal mode for the tail. Useful for scalers as well.

New output protocols PPM8 Reverse and PPM12 Reverse. These protocols are understood by some Simulators or other equipment designed to use as retrofit for old Transmitters,

Motor Testmode for VPlane and VBasic to learn ESC throws without the need to disconnect.

Plug in the boot jumper, conect the USB to your PC and start the VBar Control Manager. The rest is done automatically within a few seonds. Next connect the VBar Control  and let it update as well. You might want to install the "Temp Monitor" app if using a Temp Sensor.

The Changes are valid for VBar (6.3), VPlane(1.3), VCopter(1.2) and VBasic(1.1) with and without VLink.

To allow access to the new parameters for users of other radios, please install the latest VBar Control Manager V 1.3.4