VBar Version 6.2 Released

This is a maintenance update of the NEO Firmware and some VBar Control Apps. It is valid for VBar Control and other Radios.

The following topics are adressed:

New Anti-Balooning-System (VBar Control and Other Radios)

The already very good working anti-ballooning-system has been further improved. This is most noticeable at very low headspeeds and fast flying with very high collective, as it is done in speed flying. The system is working much smoother now. 


Using throttle curves from 3 to 7 points for Nitro (VBar Control)

With a specific setting, the Macrocell functionality can be combined with the throttle subsystem, so its possible to set up simple throttle curves as well as the very complex throttle management like used for turbine helis. Reade more.


Canopy Install Mode (VBar Control)

Some helis do require a certain swash plate position to allow easy installation of the canopy. This is supported now with a dedicated app. Read more.


Optimized Copter Firmware (VBar Control)

The algorithm allows even more dynamic flying and added agility as requested by some 3D and FPV pilots. Please note to tune down agility about 30 % to get the same agility as before. New defaults for new models make a succesful first installation much easier.


Kontronik Values in User Defined Mainscreen (VBar Control with Kontronik TelMe)

The most important values of TelMe are now available in the User Defined Mainscreen as well.


Initializing problems on high vibration loaded helis (affects only Rescue, VBar Control and other Radios).

In some cases one acceleration sensor can temporarily hang/lock if the heli has a very high vibration load. The next startup will fail if the sensor still hangs, indicated by the LED flashing red and many pitch bumps. Its now possible to still use the NEO if it is initialized at least almost upright. This is an fix for the initialization only, since in flight the system will use the second (not affected) sensor anyway.

*** Please check after the update that all required Apps are still loaded. Some of your Apps may have been disabled during the conversion. Please reload them manually again in our App Store, to your VBar Control. ***