V5 Pro for VBars with black sensor and minis

Now the wait is over. Here we present the latest upgrade for all VBars with black sensor and VBar Minis. It is called "PRO" which means professional. This Software provides you with the complete function set of V5.

Get more information on the features in the  featurematrix. For your convenience we made a video on how to perform the needed steps to upgrade your device to 5.0. If you need more advice, please read the Version 5.0 section of this Page.

 Its our goal to not force you to throw away old devices and buy the latest and greatest new ones, but upgrading your existing device to a new level of experience. Explore the the new Heli behaviour, and feel how fast and precise it responds to your inputs. No Wag, Wobble or other effects can blur the crisp and stable feeling of your heli. All this can be maintained with a single setting, that suits 3d, speed and smooth flying at the same time.

The tail received some updates as well, making better use of weak mechanics and enabling even more holding force than ever before.

Allow yourself to be fascinated how easy it is to go one step further, the progress can be experienced by everyone, not only experts.

Additional features will become effective when something goes wrong. No matter if there is a problem in the power supply, the receiving system or the mechanics itself, it will be disclosed. Replace speculations with knowlege, get new confidence in your system after a incident. Now you know which components you can trust, giving a safe and relaxed feeling for the next flights.