Cloud improvemets

Today we have finished a small rework on the cloud. In the flights overview it is now possible to select flights less than 30s - and also a mass delete fuction (set multiple checks, press the delete button at the list bottom) is implemented now. The same mass delete function is available for the screenshots too.

IRCHA 2019 (Update)

IRCHA 2019 is over now, this time somewhat smaller, but much more relaxed than the years before. We had a nice spacey tent together with Mikado USA and Scorpion near center stage.

This gave us plenty of time to talk to our customers and our friends from all over the world. Small issues or questions were resolved right there from Ron or me.

We got lots of positive feedback, and some good ideas from you, too. Thank you very much for this! Read more »

VBar Control touch Updates

We have added 15 model based and self defined text elements to the own screen design app. Also a smaller battery bar is available now. A preset for large scale ships can be used too. Of course some smaller changes in other apps have been made in addition.

New Video Service started!

With our VTube we have lauched a own video service. A lot of videos will be available there already which must have been watched on other channels until yet. Upcoming videos will only be published here in future, older ones will be taken over.


Vario day 2019

On Friday,31.5. and Saturday, 1.6. the annual Vario Event will be held in Gräfendorf. Of course we have a booth there equiped with VBar Conrol and NEO for information. Our 2.36m Bell UH-1D with JetCat PHT 3-3 is also on display. Read more »

New App for VBar Control touch

We have built a touch app which gives you the opportunity to change the value of a macrocell with a touch element on your user screen, for example to switch lamps on and off. Also the BMFA failsafe test app is available now. The ESC telemetry warns now once when the ESC detects a issue and sets a error code for us. The macrocells app saves now not only the cells, it saves the names and also the touch button config from the touch app into one file which can be loaded again of course. Some minor rework on the system app and others are also included in this update.

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