VPlane Released

As already announced, we now release the VPlane firmware and the matching app for the VBar Control for planes. Here a Video where Kyle describes the benefits of VPlane

After flashing the firmware into your vbar device, and installing the app on the transmitter, a new model setup can be created. We provide a selection of presets, but even if you cannot find your exact configuration, that can be added later.

The Wizzard now leads through the setup process, asking for the device/sensor mounting and the servo directions. After a few steps the model is ready to go Read more »

VPlane for VBar Control


Since VBar Control is already used widely by many people, we now have a new firmware variant for the Vbar that is called VPlane for Airplanes.

If youe are used to VBar for your helicopters with the perfect ballance and best agility, you now have the same capability for your Airplanes with VBar Control! The VPlane algorithm implements a very natural feel combined with best stability in all situations. You will notice that you won't have to fight the gyros though, but have a very natural feeling, but still have the stability that removes any unwanted effects for the flight. Read more »

Rotor Live 2015

Wireless simulator interface

The interface for wireless simulator for VBar Control is now available. The set contains all needed connection wires. It includes a full receiver satellite, that may be used for other purposes as well.

The Interface works with the usual PPM inputs of all simulators that support free channel mapping.

The interface can be supplied by a USB port, so no other external power supply is needed. Read more »

Christmas Update VBar Control

The first major update for VBar Control is available! We pick up many if not most of your requests and wishes, and at the same time extend the range of features.

Thanks to our automated online update feature, getting the new stuff is extremely straightforward: download the new VBar Control Manager, connect your VBar Control to the computer, and watch it installing and updating. Please follow these Instructions!

Let me unveil a couple of the new features:

Logging feature redefined: Read more »

Battery ID for VBar Control

Currently its already possible to manage your batteries with the battery log function of VBar Control.

Now there is a new stage available, to let the radio do everything for you automatically, and without any additional steps in the normal flying routine.

We call this "Battery ID". Every battery gets a tag sticked to it, that can be read wirelessly by a reader installed in the model next to the battery. VBar Control is now aware of the battery installed, and can adjust all needed values for the battery monitoring and alarms automatically! Read more »

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