VBarControl touch Pro App Upgrade Bundle

With the App Upgrade we have released some really interesting things:

As an example you can now define the phrases for talking switches for each model individually. The talking telemetry was extended to be more flexible and announce all values  from telemetry, also configureable per model. The custom log allows to log up to 8 self defined values each model.

To get more value into this app bundle we have also included the Tandem/Flettner support app as well as the extended vibration analysis. Read more »

BLACK is the new black

Infos: https://shop.mikado-heli.de/

VBar Control Touch Spring Clean Update - Part 1

We proudly present a streamlined user interface for VBar Control Touch!

Our designers have re-worked more than 500 icons and apps. Everything has been spruced up and optimized both for the white and especially for the black theme.
The updated user interface comes for free to all VBar Control Touch owners.

At the same time, we already roll out some under-the-hood improvements on the operating system, in preparation for Update Part 2, which we will release in the near future, something to look forward to!

HELI-X and VBarControl Touch

Users of the HELI-X Simulator are now able to Sim with their VBar Control Touch over WiFi without any additional hardware. Since the Simulator uses the transmitters calibrated sticks and controls, no other programming is needed. Even the stick assignment and the usual switch assignment is already set, so it is just plug and play.

Update your radio, then you will get a new shop app, there you find the app in the "System" section. You can install the app as usual with your phone or any other browser. Read more »

Pirouettes for NEOs

We have prepared a important update for you NEO users. Ultimative piruettes, especially for small helis like the LOGO 200.

Watch Kyle in this video, showcasing the new function in comparison to the old one.

But enough talking, just do the update and enjoy the new pirouette stability. You will notice it! This feature is active for all NEOs, but on bigger helis, the changes are far less noticeable. Read more »

VBar Software and macOS Big Sur

These days, Apple has released the latest version of macOS.
With this version, amongst other changes, Apple has ended support for legacy system extensions (Kernel Extensions, kexts), which means, the USB driver needed for the USB controller on legacy VBars as well as for VBar NEO does no longer work.
There is a newer driver available from the supplier of these USB controllers, but it does not/yet work with our devices.
We can not yet tell if or when this can be fixed, and with which effort.
The software itself works, you just might need to install Java.
This means, VBar Control Manager works and can be used to register, update and manage VBar devices, but not the VBar NEO Setu
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