Update for VBar Control touch

The latest update contains some further improvements.

In the system settings we sorted the voice volumes new. We also worked through all apps to assign everything right - so that now all "normal" telemetry or timer announcements are made with the telemetry volume - and the alarms (based on issues or thresholds) where the pilot should e.g. land or do any other action are spoken with the warning volume. A warning will now always abort other announcements and come up immediately too. Read more »

VBar Control touch - Talking Telemetry with new Feature

We did some massive overwork on the talking telemetry app on the VBar Control touch and its data-delivering apps like e.g. esc apps and battery logbook app. You can now set up to 16 announcements (on each model different) based on a list like the userscreen design elements with up to 2 different switches and positions while the regarding model is connected. The announcement itself can also be configured (prefix, value, suffix) in its spoken length. The Susans voice app is mandatory required to get all phrases spoken. The measuring units will now be set up in the system - settings panel for all apps at one place too.

PC Software Patch for 6.4

Here is a patch for the PC Setup Software, to make the parameters "Lightness" also called "Anti Gravity" and "Tail Wag Suppression" accessible from the PC side. Please replace the file config_62.sec with this one (file is inside zip archive). On Windows PC, it is inside the "C:\Program Files (x86)\VBarControl" folder. It also works on MACs, right-click the App as if you would place a keys.sto-file there, Show Package Contents, move the file to the same location (link to folder). The parameters can be found in the expert settings of main rotor and tail rotor.

Lightness = Anti Gravity, Wag Sup = Tail Wag Suppression

Vbar NEO and VBar Control Updates Live at 5.8.2020 21:00 MESZ

Directlink Kyle shows the anti gravity feature

Directlink Kyle explains tail wag supression

We like to invite you to our VTV Livestream at 5.8.2020 21:00 MESZ, where we want to talk about whats new with our products, and even talk about why things are done how they are. Read more »

Logo 200 mini VBar NEO Pro/Rescue Update Hints

When updating the first shipped batch (end of July 2020) of LOGO 200 Express VBar NEO mini to Pro or Pro Rescue, some parameters must be reworked afterwards.

These changes have been implemented already (models shipped beginning 1st week of August 2020 and later), the boxes will have a printed addendum inside.

The parameters have been set correctly for Express, so no rework on LOGO 200 NEO mini Express needed how it is delivered. Read more »

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