As some of the YGE LVT/HVT ESC are already on the way to customers, we would like to summarize what you get in combination with VBar Control:

The YGE LVT/HVT are some of the ESC that directly support fully integration with VBar Control. This means not only telemetry functions, but setting of all relevant parameters as well. So you do not need an pc maybe apart from doing firmware updates to the device. Read more »

Windows 10 Creator Edition

Its working again! Im not completely sure when it is rolled out for other langauages, but here in Germany you can now download a "Quality Update" called KB4038788 that enabled the use of all NEO´s and VBar Controls even in Bootloader Mode without the need of the Workaround we provided.

The Update will be installed automatically if you enable the automated update or trigger it manually by explicitely requesting the Windows Update.

Its quite anoying, that there is no word in the changelogs, nor any response to our detailed technical bug reports at all. However, its working again now, so enjoy your V Products with latest Windows!

IRCHA 2017


Today the Weather was perfect. This was a real IRCHA day: Lots of crowd, permanent action at center stage and most other flightpoints. Suuuper flights, not only at center stage, and finally much buzz in the vendor area.

During the power hours of the different vendors lots of giveaways where conducted, that where worth several thousand dollars. The big official raffle finished with the grand price from Mikado, Scorpion and Xpert. It was a full eqipped Logo 700 with VBar, VControl Radio, ESC, Motor and Servos. Read more »

GLOBAL 3D 2017

The GLOBAL 3D will be held in Venlo, Netherlands from July 7th-9th 2017.

Team Mikado will be there of course at this competition. Please stop by there at the Mikado booth.

Flettner Turbine heli, 2xNEO and VBar Control

Horst Wedl from Austria has done a magnificent job by flying his K-Max 1200 mit 2x2.5m Rotor at the Heidelberg Meeting in Germany!

The Homemade heli is powered by a Pahl Turbine which is governed by the VBar NEO Gov. Flight mixing is done with 3 Makrocells each swashplate in the NEO Pro! Read more »

Maintenance update VBar Control

A few things have been reported and wished by customers. We like to adress these issues with this Update. The update uncludes the NEOs as well, but only if used in combination with VBar Control

The Items:

- Sometimes the telemetry connection gets lost at the moment of the end of the coldtstart init process. This mainly happens if the antennas have been placed very good and the Radio is very near (overdriven link).

- The archive browsing has been improoved. If any viewer is called, then after exit of the viewer the display will go back to the point where it has been started. Read more »

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