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Bidirectional Kontronik Telemetry for VBar Control and VBar Control touch

 Kontronik has finally released their V3.0 Firmware for the Kolibri LV-I and HV-I ESC Series. It can be downloaded here to update the ESC's.

If the VBar Control or VBar Control is already up-to-date no further action or update is required there.

See below some screenshots about the adjustable values. They will be enabled/disabled automatically depending on ESC mode and other ESC settings.


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Christmas Update for VBar Control touch and Cloud

In our Christmas update we have released a few thing which increase the update performance as well as give you more possibilities for customized screens.

Having a look at the cloud you will find some preconfigured images at each radio and each model. We have also added all imageds uploaded by the particular pilot for a radio and model indo a privat section of this gallery. You can also add more images of course. Read more »

VBarControl touch App Updates and new Pro App

We did some improvements to telemetry values, detection and announces on the ESC / UI / Tempertaure / RC-Voltage / GPS / Pressure / Sensorhub apps. On the Rescue app we removed the Bank and Motor switch as trigger. We added a new Phrase to the voices too. We also fixed some typos and missing images in many other apps.

There is a new Pro Timer app which will be part of the the Pro App bundle. Define your own timer switch and threshold there as well as set up some additional clocks. Read more »

Maintenance Update VBar Control

Today we have released a update for the classic VBar Control.

It contains some smaller fixes regarding ESC telemetry and other telemetry Apps. The Kontronik App is already prepared for ESC setup in the future. In Rescue Setup, we have removed switch assignments (Bank, Motor), which didn't make sense anyway. And as goodie, the complete voices including the female voice from VBar Control touch are available on the classic now.

Videos about the Professional Apps for VBar Control touch

There are 3 new Videos out covering  the new Professional Apps for the VBar Control touch. They display the Talking Telemetry Pro, the talking Switches Pro and the Custom Log Pro in detail.

Just click here or on the Image left or here to watch them.

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