Update for VBar Control touch and VBar Control EVO

Again we have created a small update packet for VBar Control touch and EVO. The changes are mainly made in:
- Added new ESCs in the YGE app
- Added new ESCs in the Scorpion app
- Added new ESCs in the OMP app
- New speak phrases and tones in the "Talking Switches Pro" App selectable
- Presets selectable in "Talking Switches Pro" (e.g. Default Setup for Motor, Bank etc.)
- New speak phrases for the voices (usage as above)
- Improvement on the basic setup "New Model" for VBar EVO (External temperature sensor on TELE1 now disabled as default)

Rotor Live 2024

Preparations for ROTOR Live 2024 are running full steam! This year, we will again have plenty of electronics with us, which you can buy directly at our booth, with trade fair discounts. Flight Trainer will also be there, with a demo arena—you can try it out directly. On top, we will bring some awsome action to the stage, there, too!

I will hold a lecture on 2.4 GHz on model helicopters. Topics will be, how can you ensure safe communication and avoid interference in the best possible way, and which limitations there are, both physically and by regulations. I would be happy seeing you on Saturday 9th at 3 p.m in 'Presseclub' on the third floor in Iffezheim. Bring your questions!

New Case Options

We added some new Metal Case Options for the VBar EVO! The Cases where developed optimized and testet for best performance of the sensors and the RF Part. Match to the color of your Radio or your heli.

New Theme celebrating Chinese New Year

For our Asian fans, we created a new theme to celebrate the Year of the Dragon 2024. We wish a lot of fun in the next year with your VBar Control!

Update Your Radio and select the new theme in the web interface or in the shop on your radio. Make sure you have the dark theme selected, since the theme is based on dark theme.

Some other small updates are included: Fixes for the IP simulator, small corrections on image display, text corrections and selection logic of themes and audio profiles.

Maintenance Updates for New Year

Final 2023 Maintenance Update for

- VBar Control Touch

- VBar Control EVO

- VBar EVO

Over the Time some issues come up, that sometimes are alredy in since long time, and sometimes they appear only extremly rare. Thats what we fixed here. We wish a happy new year, and a lot of fun in the new year!

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OMP ESC telemetry suported

 Update for VBar Control Touch, EVO and Classic
We have added the OMP ESC telemetry to our list of supported ESC's. You will find a OMP app in the app store. On VBar Control Touch and EVO you have full access with also setup values. On VBar Control classic the proctocol supports only inbound telemetry for battery management, warnings and logs etc.

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