Note for users with Microsoft based Mail Services (,, etc.)

Unfortunately there are again some ongoing issues with Mail Services based on Microsoft Mail, such as,, etc.

Microsoft seem to block our Mails again and we have to claim this at MS. We would apologize for the inconvinience - and also think over how this can be handled in future. Perhaps best would be to use other mail providers from customer side which are not Microsoft based services as we are afraid this wouldn't be the last time with trouble here ;-(

Changing to another mail service must be done in the leading system (shop at and once logout/in here. If devices are missing just contact vstabi (at) to move them or register new.

VBC Touch!

Server Move - Done

Its done, is running from a new server now. It has 32 times the memory, 12 times the computing power, 15 times faster disk access and 10 times the network bandwith as before. I think you can feel this ;). Additionally we have ssl security now.

This prepares us for the load that will come up with the new Vcontrol Touch that allows very convenient and easy access to the web services with the integrated wifi. We are looking forward to some really exiting new things coming up here in the future.

Now have fun with your VBar and VControl Products, as well as at the website or the forum.

VControl Touch

VControl Touch, visit us at Rotor LIVE, and later everything on this page too.



As some of the YGE LVT/HVT ESC are already on the way to customers, we would like to summarize what you get in combination with VBar Control:

The YGE LVT/HVT are some of the ESC that directly support fully integration with VBar Control. This means not only telemetry functions, but setting of all relevant parameters as well. So you do not need an pc maybe apart from doing firmware updates to the device. Read more »

Windows 10 Creator Edition

Its working again! Im not completely sure when it is rolled out for other langauages, but here in Germany you can now download a "Quality Update" called KB4038788 that enabled the use of all NEO´s and VBar Controls even in Bootloader Mode without the need of the Workaround we provided.

The Update will be installed automatically if you enable the automated update or trigger it manually by explicitely requesting the Windows Update.

Its quite anoying, that there is no word in the changelogs, nor any response to our detailed technical bug reports at all. However, its working again now, so enjoy your V Products with latest Windows!

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