Cloud Problems

Unfortunately we had a problem with the cloud storage last night. The historic data is lost and could not reconstructed consistently. The Cause was a bug in the delete function in combination with some special characters in the model name.

Since the Radio stores quite a bit backlog in its local memory, most of the data can be restored from there. Please see the following video how to do this.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we avoid this in the future by a bunch of changes, that are already in place.

VControl Touch Update (Amendment)

We have prepared a bigger Update for Your Radio. It contains lots of bugfixes and known issue fixes. The Update includes a firmware update as well, so your Radio will boot after the update is finished. The Patchlevel of the new Firmware is 400 Read more »

New VBar Control Touch Cloud Service

We greatly extended our Cloud Service for VBar Control. Check out the new Pages simply by clicking on the cloud here, or in the bottom left corner of the page you find the cloud in the section My V-Devices.

To use the cloud service, enable the cloud setting in your radio. The radio will start transmitting all status data to, but only if a network is available and you are not using your radio actively. So it will never disturb any of the normal use. Read more »

VBC Touch!

VControl Touch

VControl Touch, visit us at Rotor LIVE, and later everything on this page too.



As some of the YGE LVT/HVT ESC are already on the way to customers, we would like to summarize what you get in combination with VBar Control:

The YGE LVT/HVT are some of the ESC that directly support fully integration with VBar Control. This means not only telemetry functions, but setting of all relevant parameters as well. So you do not need an pc maybe apart from doing firmware updates to the device. Read more »

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