Vorträge auf der Rotor Live zum Thema Vibrationen

Auf der diesjährigen ROTOR LIVE werde ich jeweils am Samstag und am Sonntag einen Vortrag über das Thema "Vibrationen am Heli" halten. Es geht um die Entstehung von Vibrationen, die verschiedenen Arten, und besonders um die Auswirkungen auf die Sensorik im Flybarless System.

Wenn euch das Thema interessiert,  und ihr etwas darüber erfahren möchtet, was uns in dieser Hinsicht so alles über den Weg läuft, seid Ihr herzlich eingeladen den Vortrag zu besuchen.

Ich werde versuchen die Thematik so anschaulich wie möglich zu halten, und auch Tips bereitzustellen was man in welcher Situation machen kann und was nicht.

Ich habe noch keine Termine, wann es genau stattfindet, werde es aber sobald die Termine veröffentlicht werden hier nachtragen.

New Voice for VBar Control touch

Update VBar Control touch

Today we have released a update for the VBar Control touch. It contains some small improvements in the background, especially regarding the flight logs. In addition we fixed some minor bugs of course (e.g. missing temperature announcements), improved help texts and added new ESC types. The last known GPS position can be displayed now as QR code even when the model is not connected. The VSim app was redisgned for touch too.

Mikado at Boeblinger Helimeet 09/28/2019

Meet and Greet - Mikado at Boeblinger Helimeet!

Some Team Mikado Pilots and Supporters will take part at the Helimeeting in Boeblingen at 09/28/2019. Stop by with your Models, fly with us, have fun, ask questions -and at least - WIN one of THREE NEOs at the Raffle!

More Info and Registration ... CLICK ... ...

Cloud improvemets

Today we have finished a small rework on the cloud. In the flights overview it is now possible to select flights less than 30s - and also a mass delete fuction (set multiple checks, press the delete button at the list bottom) is implemented now. The same mass delete function is available for the screenshots too.

IRCHA 2019 (Update)

IRCHA 2019 is over now, this time somewhat smaller, but much more relaxed than the years before. We had a nice spacey tent together with Mikado USA and Scorpion near center stage.

This gave us plenty of time to talk to our customers and our friends from all over the world. Small issues or questions were resolved right there from Ron or me.

We got lots of positive feedback, and some good ideas from you, too. Thank you very much for this! Read more »

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