Fresh Breeze for VBarControl Touch and VBarControl EVO

We refreshed the apps and the firmware for the VBar Control Touch and NEO transmitters. Additional preparations are included as well as some bug fixes of known bugs

As a first addition, we included a new sound sceme just to get a new sound impression.


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VBar EVO VLink Firmware Update

We have had a few reports from Customers that a single parameters seems to have changed without intention. We cannot reproduce this, so we cannot say what the cause is. Just to be extra sure that this cannot happen from an error of the flash memory, we increased the consistency check intensity to catch every theoretical possible memory error. If this happens, the logfile will show an entry, and the wrong data will not be used.

We recommend doing the update in any case, to be sure it cannot happen. There are no other changes in this update.

Versions: VBasic 1.1.29, VBar Express 7.1.27, VBar Pro 7.1.67, VBar Rescue 7.1.151, VPlane 1.4.15

VBar EVO VLink High Vibration Mod

VBar EVO VLink and tail issues

for quite some time, we have noticed reports of issues related to VBar EVO VLink, where e.g. unwanted tail kicks occurred, up to the point where, in high-load situations, the tail can temporarily/briefly let go, until the load is eased again.

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VBar EVO VLink Update

A new Firmware Update for the VBar EVO is available:

We did a intensive testing campain to test the behaviour at non optimal power supplies which does not show any weaknesses. As result there are some new Log messages, that show Warm/Coldstart and very short power surges better than before.

Some other small issues are collected in this fix release. A detailed list is below:

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VControl EVO Update

We prepared a update for the VControl EVO Radios. It adresses some problems that have showed up with the last version. Main Changes are:

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Information about VControl EVO

Dear customers!

After having published a possible safety-relevant issue (distance between main board and internal loudspeaker), and after having offered a temporary solution quickly, on 2023-03-16, we have news:

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