Henseleit Helicopters reommends VBar NEO and VBar Control

Jan Henseleit will start delivering his latest Heli shortly, the "TDR-II" and later the Variant "TDS" (Speed). He recommends using VBar NEO VLink and VBar Control as the best match.

The special anti balloning system uniqe to VBar NEO 6.1 can shine in this heli, due to the very aerodynamic layout. So its perfect for very high speed as well as low rpm flying. Both are diciplines, that fit the heli very well. Read more »

IRCHA 2015 is over

IRCHA 2015 is over - what a blast!

Now it is over - this was IRCHA 2015. We have finally added some more photos to the albums - so if you are curious - just click here or on the image left to view the whole blog.

Thanks for following here - see you next year in Muncin,IN ;-)

Kyle Stacy wins 3D Cup Unlimited

Contratulation to Kyle Stacy for winning the 3D Cup Umlimited Class in France! Spectacular flights, awesome pilot, great show, and a reliable Vbar Control radio system in combination with the worlds best flybarless system VBar NEO made it possible.

I am very happy, that Kyle trusted our equipment, and it lives up to its promise. Even lots of other unlimited pilots trusted in VBar Control. It was the most used radio brand of all unlimited pilots!

VBar Control / VStabi Event in Hanau. 2015-06-20 and 2015-06-21.

I would like to invite you to this year's VBar and VBar Control event at MBC Hanau, on the 20th and 21st of June 2015.

We want to put on an event again since, until then, there will be very many novelties from Mikado. To see them in the air, to touch them, to discuss them with us shall be the main purpose of the event, apart from flying your own models and watching exciting demos from our team pilots. Read more »

Maintenance Update VBar Control + VBar NEO

Some issues have been collected since the last Update, so we now have a maintenance update for VBar NEO and VBar Control.

The Update adds the possibility to set a collective value for each bank for the rescue function. So please verify these settings if they are set correctly. The settings have to be set proplerly in all banks.

Its now possible to use a negative collective value for the autorotation bank, enabling the use of rescue during the autorotation! The system will try and maintain head speed as good as possible during rescue. Read more »

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