Wireless Sim App

This App adds support for wireless simulator operation. A VBar together with a VBar Control Receiver Satellite must be bound to VBar Control, the Wire Set has to be connected to your computer.

Bind the VBar using the 'Bind' dialog.

The main display will show 'Simulator' and 'Short Range Mode active'.

In the main menu, you find an entry 'Simulator Settings'.

Here you can select what happens after the session has been ended: the receiver 'Go to bind mode' again automatically, or it can stay 'bound' to the 'current VBar Control'. This can be helpful if you want to share the simulator with a buddy or if you just want to turn VBar Control off temporarily and have it reconnect at once again.

Attention With a VSim enabled VBar, you can turn off VBar Control even if the VBar is still powered up, e.g. to bind a different VBar Control, or just to save juice on VBar Control if you are away from the computer for a moment.

Using a Mini VBar or VSim Device - the audio jack cable must be connected to RXB. The USB Power cable can be connected to any ports except RXA and RXB. Both cables must be connected with GND (Brown) lead on the upper pin - just the same as for any mini VBar.

Using the VSim with a Realflight - here we have a small trick for the "Model reset" from TX ;-)

A cable set for existing VBars can be purchased here
A complete VSim set can be bought here too
More infos just click here