Buddyboxing App

This App allows a link between two VBar Controls and one model.

Master (must be connected to a VBar Control Satellite/a VBar on a heli):
On selecting Transmitter Setup / Buddybox Setup you find 'Buddy Channels'. Here, you can select which channels shall be under the Master's or the Client's control.

Client (must not be connected to a VBar Control Satellite/a VBar):
On selecting Transmitter Setup / Buddybox Setup you find 'BuddyClient'. Selecting this prepares the Client radio for binding with the Master radio.

On the Master radio, select Transmitter Setup / Bind. Select 'Buddy' from the list of available devices.
On the Client radio, the display will change to 'Client Running'.

Now you can give the control over to the Client with the previously assigned Buddy switch. Only the allowed channels will be under the Client's control, channels assigned to Master will still be under the control of the Master radio.

Attention Throttle (Motor Switch), banks (flight modes) as well as the programming capabilities of VBar Control will always remain with the Master.

Note If you plan a setup flight with a buddy, the person doing the actual changes to the setup must be Master and bind the model to his VBar Control.

Note If you plan to check the vibration analysis or other live telemetry readings in flight, the person who wants to read the display must be Master. As long as you check the data, give over control to your 'co pilot' using the Buddy switch.

Attention Always arrange things with your buddy before takeoff. Negotiate key words to say in specific situations. The App 'Talking Switches' will help, too: on every flip of the Buddy switch, the current state will be read on the Master radio.

Attention Both VBar Control radios communicate virtually simultaneously with the VBar Control Satellite! To avoid mutual interference of the 2.4 GHz radios in close proximity, keep a distance of at least 3 ft between the radios during flight operations.
As a safety feature, in case of adverse radio conditions, the Master will always keep control over the model, the Buddy may abort the connection. 

Client Click the EDS Dial to exit Buddy Boxing. Choose 'Exit' to break the connection of the Client radio.

Warning Always pay attention to the Device- and Setup-Manuals provided with VBar Control, and the safety related topics therein.


Note This App needs to be installed and activated on your VBar Control to be used.