PowerBUSmini von R² Prototyping

The R² Prototyping company (Switzerland) offers a small electronic board to seperate and buffer servo voltage - it should prevent from induction voltages and provide a speperate RC voltage for VBar etc.

It has soldered cables for a BEC or battery abd some RC cables for the servo signals (pass through), the power to VBar / RX and of course 4 servo connectors. On the backside we found some additional connectors for capacitors etc.


The scope results were very well! - This electronic seperates and buffers in best possible way!

Used Equipment:

- Standard VBar
- Graupner HBS 870 BB MG (one servo)
- Spektrum DSM-X
- 2s 2200mAh LiPo connectet directly to VBar at 3 sockets
- DSO measuring equipment
- PowerBUSmini von R² Prototyping

The result:

How to read this:
The yellow line shows the RC electronic (RX, VBar) voltage - and is ok. The blue line shows the current draw - also ok. But - having a look at the pink line (voltage at RC battery / servo) you will see no induction voltage.

This electronics can be recommended to solve induction voltage issues.