Initializing problems

Savox / Align Servos:

Some servo series of this manufacturers seem to have a buggy firmware inside. The servos will show the issue stated below:

Turning on the heli you may have one or two servos that won't initialize and be forceless. If you unplug them at the VBar and reconnect after a brief moment everything works as expected.

The reason herefore is not inside the VBar, it is just the servo firmware. The servo seems to get accidentally into a programming mode as soon as it gets the pulses from the VBar. This should not happen at all because our pulse signal is inside the limits of a valid signal range for the servos. And also - if it will happen - the programmer must take care to detect this and add a fallback to the firmware which will get the servo into normla operation mode if no specially coded programming signals (not the usual PWM) will be recieved.

For example ... setting up a VBar in our setup tabs and disconnecting the USB will always cause a fallback into flight mode to be safe ;-)

In this cases you have to claim the servos at your vendor or manufacturer and get other ones to try. Only Savox or Align knows which production lots may have the buggy firmware ...