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Vbar Neo - ESC programming issue

geschrieben von pilot11 
Vbar Neo - ESC programming issue
11.02.2020 20:06:59
Hi, Sorry to open a new topic again but I have found nothing on this specific problem just general discussions. I have a brand new Vbar Neo, and a Talon25A for a Trex250 and I am just unable to make the throttle calibration. I've read something about it and learned this is quite different from others but have no idea how to do that. I would use the Talon gov (set RPM) but for now the motor spool up approx at 30-40% and give cca maximum the 50% of the power at the end. I would appreciate your help.

Thank you, Laszlo

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Re: Vbar Neo - ESC programming issue
11.02.2020 23:58:15
We always recoomend ESC's with a setup through VBC telemetry - like Scorpion and YGE together with a VBC or VBCt for best practice ;-)

Al other ESC's can be programmed as usual - there is no difference at all when you have the NEO in the ESC setup mode. It is still the same as for V5 and 3rd party radios - the collective signal is directly routed to the ESC port if the regarding check is set in the PC. This mode survives also a power cycle (e.g. plug on with full stick for entering programming mode) - and must be deactivated seperately afterwards.

In PC - use the ESC Setup Tab where Throttle (set to 100/100) can be adjusted, in a VBC use the ESC setup panel, in a VBCt use the ESC throttle setup in Model Setup. Ensure that collective gives -100/100 in teh TX calibration screen of course ;-)

regards (EN) / Gruss (DE)

Rainer Vetter

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Re: Vbar Neo - ESC programming issue
12.02.2020 11:52:18
OK, now the endpoints seems ok but still there is not enough power. After the endpoints I managed to set up the set RPM into Talon as usual, but it seems like the Vbar gov and the ESC gov interfere with each other and I did not find any possibility to disable Vbar gov as it was in the past in 5.3. If I set the ESC into fixed wing, there is a nice headspeed that's why I think the 2 gov has something to do with. So the question is what I need to set up in the Vbar gov panel if I can't disable it permanently. The other question what else I would need for Vbar gov instead. Do I need an RPM sensor or something? I never tried it.

Thnx, laszlo

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Re: Vbar Neo - ESC programming issue
12.02.2020 12:09:06

if you set to External, the VBar Governor is disabled.

But I suspect a different thing, please check out our FAQ.

Kind regards


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