For start we use a H-1 setup. set all values to 100 and select a tail servo. The flight parameters are also set up in useful ranges for a Tandem, especially the yaw axis.

The controls are applied to both swashplates (collective, elevator, aileron) for the usual functions. For yaw we use differential-aileron. If needed we can mix differential-collective instead of "real" elevator. Up to 4 servos can be used at one swashplate.

When fixing the NO to the model take care to be in the same angle as the main shafts are. We had to use a small piece of wood because they have been 8° off from the frame.

The setup needs 3 lines of macrocells in the VBCt each swashplate. As first the signal from the flight control will be used as input for a "axis mixer" for each axis on each swash. Here we can do interactions e.g. set up collective/elevator ratio if needed.

As next there is a servo mixer for each servo, the ratios here depend on the swashplate type and rotoation, the values come from the above named axis mixers.

On each servo socket are channel cells. here you may set up unequal servos and do fine trims as well as zero collective.

In some rare cases the zero collective must be shifted ab it between both swashs (e.g. fine trim COG or difference in the rotor lifting performance, compensating yaw moments in a hover). A differential value (MC17) will lift one swash and lower the other. For best trim in a hover unless you can't see some yaw (both rotors tilted to opposite sides) compensations.

As next we have a static mixer yaw to collective (MC19) to keep the height duriung yaw maneuvers. And one static mixer elevator to yaw (MC20) to pre-compensate upcoming yaw moments when using differntial-collective instead of aileron.


For special funktions this Macrocells can be used:

Direct servo output sockets at the Master:
04/CH4 (3 Servo eCCPM only)

As general control cells:
28/NN (only 3 servo eCCPM)

Direct servo output sockets at the  Slave 1:
14/E1CH4 (only 3 servo eCCPM)

Direct servo output sockets at the  Slave 2 (otherwise control cells):