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help with glogo from the first batch

Posted by shlomits 
help with glogo from the first batch
December 20, 2019 06:09PM
i have problem with glogo and im so close to throw it to the trash

i have my glogo since it came out from the first batch
and i still cant fly it, first it was the starter adapter than a tail problem that i still have.

i was pissed on that heli so didn't touch him for few months
the tail system work flawless i noticed when i turn the starter shaft with my hand its very hard to turn both ways so i gave it to a friend with the oneway bearing and he took care of it now it fits right and free turn in my hand.

but again the tail kick but much less than before

my conclusion that the engine sit a little bit higher in the air frame.

if i ask mikado for a new air frame do you think they will help?

after all its very expensive kit and i dont want to modify my air frame. im not sure i can do it good enough and they already did it with the first batch, i dont want to drill it any more.
Re: help with glogo from the first batch
January 09, 2020 11:17AM
Hi again,

please excuse the late reply. I will try and connect you with Kyle Dahl, if anybody can help sorting this out, it's definitely him.

Kind regards


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