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Neo/Backplate Sensor Problems

Posted by bobc1@live.com 
Neo/Backplate Sensor Problems
September 16, 2019 03:50AM
I realize that this is the Glogo forum but I cannot figure out where to ask about Neo/Governor Sensor issues.

I just switched from Futaba to VBar Touch/Neo, after 43 years with Futaba stuff.
I could not get the Neo to read the OS55HZ-R BPS-1 backplate sensor at all.
Per MikadoUSA Tech Guru, Ronald Thomas, I had purchased a Spektrum BPS and installed it. This setup produced checksum error logs without working also.
I switched black and red in the Spektrum sensor. The system then did not even indicate that a sensor was present, similar to the Futaba/OS BPS-1.
What now?
Re: Neo/Backplate Sensor Problems
September 16, 2019 09:00AM

what you can do is a so-called loopback-test: connect a patch wire with proper polarity, between e.g. the tail sensor port and the RPM input port.
This should instantly show a low but stable rpm reading (the servo frequency, calculated to rpm by pole count and gear ratio).
This is to check if the input port is working properly.

To the best of my knowledge, all sensors connected with proper polarity work on the NEO, so if the NEO is not reading anything at all, it's probably wrong polarity or a bad sensor, if it's creating checksum errors I'd assume you connect to the sensor port but not to the RPM port (which could be the problem all from the beginning ..?).

The sensor port would be for the external (optional) gyro sensor only, or for the boot plug (to update a NEO).

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Re: Neo/Backplate Sensor Problems
September 16, 2019 09:59PM
I spoke to Ron Thomas this morning. Unbelievably stupid mistake! I was mistakenly plugging the governor hall sensor into the "Sensor" port, instead of the "RPM" port.

I thought the RPM port was for an external governor input.

The Spektrum back plate sensor works well when it is plugged into the correct port. It makes me wonder if the Futaba/OS BPS-1 would have worked OK. I will try this on my Glogo with an OS 105HZR prior to installing another Spektrum sensor.

Thank you for your assistance, Ron.
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