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Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome

Posted by thallescsantiago 
Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome
June 28, 2017 01:53PM
Hi Guys,

I migrated from the Futaba + FBL IKON platform to VBC + NEO, and I am simply very satisfied !!!
I'm still making small adjustments, because I feel the machine locked to my liking!!!
Any other parameter not informed, is in default!
This is my setup:

Trex 700X Stock (130A)
2x Packs Gens Ace 6S 5000MAH 60C (New Generation)
Vbar Control (1.1-1069)
Vbar Neo Vlink Pro+Rescue (6.3.60)

- RPM 2200RPM Gov Store ESC Gain P / I : 4 / 5
- Collective Pitch +12º/-12º
- Cyclic Pitch +8.3º/-8.2º

- Expo 30
- Style 75
- Agility 120 Optimizer OFF (50)
- Gain 72
- Paddle Sim. 20

- Expo 50
- Rate++ 124
- Tail Gain 68 (Gear Ratio 1:4.72)
- Stop Gain A/B : 20/20

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Re: Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome
July 03, 2017 01:25PM
This weekend, I've been doing fine tuning in my NEO.
I needed to raise the tail rate to 120 but it is slower than another 700X with silverline and rate 110. The same happens with Agility in the cyclic, had to raise to 110 and is slower than the other 700x with silverline and 106.

Then I ask:

1 - Can I use the "App Overdrive" to match my rates, leaving them similar to silverline, without loss of performance?

2 - Is there really a difference in rates between NEO and Sivlerline?
Re: Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome
July 03, 2017 01:40PM

you can use the overdrive App to try and get the rates you are used to, no problem. This always only affects the device you set up, all other devices remain unchanged.
The NEO's sensors have a better resolution than the previous sensor generations, so they can control higher rates while with the previous sensor generations, at some point you just exceeded their range of values, giving about the max. rate possible but without proper rate control any more.

Also, for the swash plate, the new anti ballooning algorithm might also kick in too early (which may feel like reduced agility or 'running out of travel'). What you could also try is increase the collective balance parameter from default 35 to 45 or max it out, if you are mostly into smack flying. This will reduce the locked in feeling in FFF ... and of course it always depends on the overall collective angles, this parameter shifts the point where the magic kicks in.

Kind regards


Born to fly ...
forced to work.
Re: Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome
July 03, 2017 02:20PM
Hi Eddie, thank you for your agility and clarity in the answers. Now all makes sense.
I'll test the suggested value in "Collective Balance"

Still about the setup, I have doubts about the cyclic optimizers.
I fly with always active optimizers and have observed that the value is reduced on each flight.

The default value is half agility, so on the first flight the optimer's value is 55 for agility 110 and at the end of ten flights the optimizer value is 40. But if I do a lot of tic-tocs and aggressive flips, The value rises from 55 to 58. So there is always a variation here.

Is this a sign that my heli is very agile "mechanically"? Or is it because of my style of flying?

Is it correct to keep the "Optimizer" always active? If not, what would be the ideal way to do an optimization flight, and then disable it.
Re: Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome
July 03, 2017 02:56PM
Hi again,

the optimizer compares and adapts, so it will adapt to very different styles of flying, like smackdown 3D and F3C style hovering for example.

I would recommend you do a dedicated optimizer flight (both main rotor and tail), do a couple of elevator and aileron flips (not at full stick deflection maybe), and do a couple of pirouettes in both directions, with defined stopps.

Then disable the optimizers so they will not change any more, over time.

I made a similar experience, optimizers on, did my big air and soft 3D stuff, all was well, then did a couple of smooth flights, and when I wanted to do the next flip, I nearly crashed since the model wouldn't want to come out of the starting blocks ...

If you fly the same (mixed) style all the time, you can leave it on, but I would still prefer to preserve the feeling I have, once it feels OK.

Kind regards


Born to fly ...
forced to work.

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Re: Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome
July 03, 2017 04:40PM
All right, Eddie.

So, I'll reset my optimizers and do an optimization flight by following these instructions.

Any questions, I'll post again here.

Thank you,

Re: Trex 700X + NEO + VBC = Awesome
July 03, 2017 05:01PM
Hi Thalles,

any time smiling smiley



Born to fly ...
forced to work.
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