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One way bearing main gear and 3rd bearing block

Posted by Nhan Phan 
One way bearing main gear and 3rd bearing block
April 15, 2020 12:41PM
Hi Mikado and Kyle,

I am building the Glogo and I faced problem,

It is so hard to slide the Main gear+one way bearing into the 3rd bearing block as instructions, I have to push the main gear, with strong force, using ETO tool, to force the one way bearing to the 3rd block, so there is next problem, installing the main gear to the frame is impossible, I have to remove all screws around the tail to expand the frame to push the maingear+oneway+3rd bearing block(now is one piece).

Is this diameter of bearing is too small or the tolerance of the one way bearing? With this error, to remove/replace one way + main gear, I have to remove a lot of screw then remove the 3rd bearing block(include one way+ bearing attach). The one way bearing is sharing part with Logo 690SX (#4876), I do not have problem with one way bearing of Logo 690SX, it slides easily to counter bearing support plate.

Another thing need to improve,
The canopy mount bolt is too short, in the manual, it said insert 3x washer, why not produce the canopy mount increase 2.5mm so no need washer? It look very ugly when stack 3 washer like this.(picture 3,4)

Also why not move the canopy mount bolt upper position, where there is lock nut, which just design to hold the anti rotation servo swash?(picture #5), I also shorted the thread rod, it is too long, not necessary and ugly.

Thank you

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