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Glogo - Dampeners / Aggressive Flying - PLEASE READ

Posted by dahlkyle 
Glogo - Dampeners / Aggressive Flying - PLEASE READ
July 19, 2019 08:13PM
Hello Guys,

As the Glogo has been on the market now for just under 6 months now, I have been hearing about all the suggestions, issues, and stories from consumers.

I have started to detect a recurring issue with people not understanding how dampening works and what they need to do if they are an "aggressive" pilot.

Dampeners in the head range from soft to hard and each have benefits/ downfalls. If you have softer dampeners, the model will fly smoother, and won't have bobbles at low rpm. If you have hard dampeners the model will feel more rigid/ locked in yet less smooth, and you can get bobbles at lower RPMs.

All Mikado helicopters come with a medium stiffness of damper which works well generally at low rpm, as well as high rpm and is a good balance that will work for the majority of pilots on the market. I tested the model with these medium dampers and flew it very hard still and didn't have any issue with boom striking, and it also performed very well at low RPM. However!!! If you are a VERY aggressive pilot who does a lot of quick cyclic inputs then the medium dampeners might not be stiff enough for you!!! If you are an aggressive pilot then you MUST upgrade to the "Hard Damper" set which Mikado sells. Link Below


The closest thing I can relate this to is suspension systems in a car. When you buy a car, it comes with a softer suspension so that the ride is nice and smooth for the average driver. But if you want to take this car around the track and race it then of course one of the first things you are going to need to change is the suspension! It is the same with dampeners for model helicopters.

Hope this helps, and wish all of you lots of happy flying!

Best Regards,

Re: Glogo - Dampeners / Aggressive Flying - PLEASE READ
July 21, 2019 02:28AM
Isn’t that whats already in the manual? My manual shows that part number. Is that a mistake? You’re saying whats in the kit is actually 4788?

I checked the 690sx manual as well and it also shows the 4617.

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