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Glogo 690 engine mounting frame slots

Posted by David Heath 
Glogo 690 engine mounting frame slots
March 25, 2019 12:14AM
I have just bought the new glogo kit and i’m not impressed with the slots in the frame for the engine mount bolts. The slots look to be already incorporated at the factory, but the problem is the size of them, they look like they have just been filed out freehand, so the holes are quite oversize. With the bolts loose, the engine mount is moving around the oversize hole, or slots if you prefer all over the place. This will not make engine alignment great.

Not what you would expect from a new machine of this pedigree that’s for sure.

My question is will mikado be replacing these frames for people with early production kits. I have not started to build it yet, and if i’m honest, i’m loathed to with it like this.

The other issue is with the engine mount pushed all the way down the slots as the note suggests, the lower plate mounting holes are lower than the u/c mounting holes. Putting a little twist in the plate is not great either.

I noticed on this forum someone else has asked the question about the frames being replaced, sadly it has not been answered, so i’m sorry for asking the same question again...

Re: Glogo 690 engine mounting frame slots
April 02, 2019 09:59AM
Hi David,

First off sorry for the delay. I was traveling to/ at the Thailand Heli Blowout in these days.

The Engine mounting slots being slotted has been tested and proven and doesn't cause any problems to the functionality of the model. Additionally since carbon isn't a 100% rigid material the lower carbon plate arching slightly has proven to not cause any issues. This is actually more caused by the fact that the bottom of the engine mount is machined at 0 deg angle, and the bottom of the frame is at a 2 deg angle. This was done by our machinist to save a lot of time and money for machining on a 3 axis mill rather then 4 axis. It's exacerbated slightly by the engine mounting having to have been lowered, but still has proven in my testing to be a non issue. Really once you bolt it all up you'll never notice it or have a problem.

For these 2 things, (the engine mounts in the frames having to be slotted, and the bottom plate arching slightly), Mikado, with my approval, has not deemed them as items that effect function or performance of the model in any way. So they see no obligation to replace the frames. We of course will work to improve the next batch of kits, but there is always 1st production run jitters that have to be adjusted for.

That being said, if your engine mounting slots are cut excessively poorly and with excess slop then that is something that can be looked at by Mikado service department. Same process like with any other issue a kit might have. They would need pictures showing the slots, maybe also with a caliper measuring the width of the slot etc and then email them to service@mikado-heli.de

Hope we can get the issue sorted and resolved and get you flying it soon!

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