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VPlane: mini vbar on electric foam wing

geschrieben von Skeezix 
VPlane: mini vbar on electric foam wing
02.03.2020 16:13:07
I have an RMRC Recruit foam wing. I'm considering pulling out the existing gyro board and replacing with with a mini Vbar with VPlane installed.

I'm wondering if anyone has tried a VPlane/Mini Vbar on a electric flying wing?

Is there even a model setup for a flying wing in the mini Vbar?

Any special tips if anyone HAS successfully used a mini vbar/vplane on an electric flying wing?


Re: VPlane: mini vbar on electric foam wing
02.03.2020 17:12:15

it's basically a delta design, should cause no problems.

I had a customer with a self-built electric wing, with two control surfaces on each wing. Made it work, but used up all the macrocells (expert mixers) to get it to do what it should, aileron, elevator, flaps.

For delta, there is a preset/wizard afaik although I have no Mini VPlane at hand to verify.

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