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Neue Vplane Version?

geschrieben von Multisaft 
Neue Vplane Version?
07.01.2020 09:42:39
Hallo alle miteinander,

wie schauts denn hiermit aus? Stichwort Bankanhängige Trimmung? Das wollte man ja mit der Überarbeitung der vPlane mal angehen. Gibts dazu schon pläne oder dauerts wieder bis zum nächsten Winter ohne das was passiert? Der nächste Winter wäre dann schon der 3te. ^^

Ich weiß das ihr alles außer Helis doof findet aber ich würd gerne beides mit der Touch fliegen und da gibts neben mir bestimmt noch viele hundert andere die das so sehen winking smiley


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Re: Neue Vplane Version?
09.03.2020 03:45:35

Vplane braucht eine ueberarbeitung.
Re: Neue Vplane Version?
09.03.2020 08:49:37
MarcoSc schrieb:
> +1.
> Vplane braucht eine ueberarbeitung.

Das ist auch meine Meinung. V-Plane wurde in meinen Augen zu stark vernachlässigt, Es gibt Leute ( wie ich z.B. ) die nur noch Fläche fliegen und keine Helis mehr.
Theoretisch geht ja alles mit der VBC aber nur viel umständlicher in meinen Augen. Die Macrozellen sind super aber irgendwie nicht mein Ding. Ich für mich habe letzte Woche eine Jeti DS-12 gekauft und mich sofort damit zurecht gefunden.
Die VBC Touch mit allen 5 Neo's werde ich demnächst verkaufen.
Schade denn ich war Jahrelang der Meinung das V-Stabi und VBC das Mass der Dinge ist. Heute sage ich für Helis ist es immer noch das beste was man haben kann aber für Fläche gibt es besseres. Auch die Telemtrie, wie ich finde ist bei anderen Hersteller um Welten voraus. Das fängt schon damit an dass ich auch Sensoren anderer Hersteller einsetzten kann. Bei Mikado kommt es mir immer mehr vor wie beim Apfelhandy.
Schade aber für mich wars das.
Trotzdem an dieser Stelle muss auch gesagt werden, der Support von Mikado sucht seinesgleichen. Da gibts rein gar nichts zu meckern.
Liebes Mikado Team ich Danke Euch für Eure Hilfe hier seit Jahren aber für mich ist die Zeit gekommen tschüss zu sagen.

Alles Gute
Grüsse Martin

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Re: Neue Vplane Version?
10.03.2020 14:30:56
Ich bin da dran. Das ist aber keine Kleinigkeit, daher mach ich keine Versprechungen dazu. Vor allem der Testbetrieb von Funktionen brauch viel Zeit, extrem viel Material und gutes Wetter...

so long ... Uli
Re: Neue Vplane Version?
11.03.2020 19:20:07
If I may. I fly both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. For Heli's it can be said that any one not using VBar will stay in the dark for ages to come. As far as Vplane is concenrned I find it very usable. Mainly because I created a workbench with servos and I studied macrocells in depth. As an IT specialist I did find it easier than other people, I have to admit. I will never go back to any other system than VBar. What I do miss is the open-ness arround Telemetry. If I can explain. I have fully understanding for the proprietary Opersting System of VBar. That keep them ahead of the field and keep the investment safe. BUT with so many telemetry add-ons already tried and tested , I find it strange that Mikado want to re-invent the wheel. It is much easier to collaborate with other vendors and create a crossover protocal owned by Mikado. My opinion. An example will be the Vario system for glider. There are excellent hardware out there which communicate directly to other systems. Use that to the advantage and make the output of those items work in VBar.
BUT again this is only my opinion.

Thank you Mikado for a 110% product and above excellent service when required. You have a great product and a team second to no-one. You are the one !
Re: Neue Vplane Version?
12.03.2020 10:01:36

well, the variometer is at the ready, to be presented this weekend.
There will be two versions, with speed sensor and variometer, or only with variometer.

The catch with our approach to telemetry is that every sensor has it's own id, and that it's a bus system, and that telemetry data can be processed, so they must be validatable, not only consist of a data stream or an electric value.
The VBar and the radio must be able to identify the sensors, to be able to load the corresponding Apps (or let you know if one's missing).
Other sensors are, most of the time, only sensors, like our temperature sensor (which is an exception even from our own rule).

So you either need a blackbox to connect these sensors, which translates to the VBar eco system, or you can't have it.
In fact, we have such a blackbox, it's the sensor hub.

By the way, other sensors are often also using blackboxes, but quite dedicated ones (e.g. vspeak or iisi or others), some even with their own radio link, where it's possible or impossible to use two or more at the same time. And implementation, to me, seems often rather coarse.
Next catch, every player in the market updates frequently, and why not, it's called progress, but that means you have to keep all the balls in the air, and follow up. Some inform so you can e.g. add a new device id or function to your App, or adjust a range of values, some don't and you only get to know once customers tell you that they experience something odd/unexpected.

We are simply too small a crew to serve all those requirements.
And with our way, apart from safety/security, we can offer even more.

For example real-time programming e.g. of ESCs (if their manufacturer implements it), maybe even over the air updates of ESCs in the future (same ...), and also processing sensor information, e.g. using speed sensor data within the flight control.
This all happens via or inside the VBar NEO, where otherwise, data packets or streams are sent back to the radio only, processed there for display or audible or haptic feedback only, or if the could be used for flight control, they would have to be processed and sent back to the model. How's that ever going to happen, me wonders?

You don't want unknowns, in that equation.

Then, our radio protocol is very quick, also because of this. Because we can process all the data and squeeze it into the back channel, and without permanently or dynamically affecting the frame rate.

You make the switch, you say goodbye to 5.25 or 3.5" floppies, CD readers, memory cards, serial, parallel or USB accessories for all kinds of stuff, all with their own drivers and compatibility issues, comparatively speaking grinning smiley

A bit off topic, since it's about VPlane here, but still smiling smiley



Born to fly ...
forced to work.
Re: Neue Vplane Version?
12.03.2020 18:10:33
Hi Eddie,
Thank you kindly. This was very informative and it is now clearred that VBar is the way to go thumbs up. I will now stop and wait for the Vario. Onl;y 7 days to go. Pity Rotor live has been cancelled.
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