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WARNING -- JR9303 and Spektrum hires

Posted by ulrich 
WARNING -- JR9303 and Spektrum hires
October 29, 2010 10:47PM
There is a confirmed issue with the combination of a JR9303 2.4 Ghz Radio and the VBar implementation of Highres mode.

The Issue is currently under investigation, since it is not a bug in the implementation, but a very odd behaviour that is seen on this combination only.

To avoid problems with this combination, please use the normal resolution on this radio only, until we can provide a workaround or another solution. Normal resolution is prooven to work flawlessly on this component combination.

Note: if you discover problems with your radio, and feel that it has to do with the VBar, please inform us by mail, or in the VBar forum. We will take these things serious, but we cannot scan all forums in the world, to find complaints on our product, that may be important to others as well. Thank you very much!

Additional Note from the current Investigation:
This Problem will not lead your Heli to crash! But the control will be jerky and delayed. But it will not lead to be complete out of control, and will not introduce unwanted control commands.
So if you crashed for some reason it is probably not beacuse of this issue! Please do the usual investigation in this case, and not simply accuse this issue for your crash. Its not that simple.
Provide the log if available in case of problems, so we analyze it ant find out if there is a relation to this issue.


so long ... Uli

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