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ESC for goblin 570

Posted by helicrazy2 
ESC for goblin 570
June 11, 2016 06:29PM
Looking to find out which esc would be the best to get the has auto bail out and works well with the neo gov?
I am running 6S setup right now maybe later will try 10 or 12s but for now will fly 6s.
would like to get esc what I could use 6s or 12s. I do not want to buy a high price esc just want something that works well with the neo and get the job done well. I would also like the esc with build in BEC.
thanks Denny

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Re: ESC for goblin 570
June 15, 2016 10:03AM
Hi Denny,

no experience here, but I would take a look at either YGE 120 HV-K or even YGE 160 (I expect high AMPs I'm afraid), or at HW or Castle or Scorpion.
10s-12s BEC will narrow down the range.

All four brands have no bad records to the best of our knowledge.

Kind regards


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Re: ESC for goblin 570
July 05, 2016 10:43PM
HobbyWing Platinum PRO V4 130A HV ESC (6s-14s) has 10A built in BEC (need programming box also)

-Update to latest firmware to get rid of tail kick issue.
-Disable low voltage cutout and use Vbar UI sensor with battery logging
-Choose Fixed Wing for governor type
-Set end points with Vbar setup software by turning on throttle servo adjustment (temporarily), powering up full throttle and after beeps lower throttle to zero. Go back into Vbar NEO software for gov setup and turn off throttle servo adjustment.

RPM setup Bank 1 2300, Bank 2 2400, Bank 3 2500 to start... needs 22 or 23 tooth pinion

Castle 160 is cheaper but you will need an external BEC and it is only rated for (6s-12s) not 14s if you go there.

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