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USB Vsim tidy up

geschrieben von ian Spencer 
USB Vsim tidy up
25.02.2017 11:18:08
Hi Guys,

I decided that the USB V sim would be more robust and neater in a box.
Total cost £3 or less than 4 euro. £2 for a project box and £1 for a USB extension.

Maybe it should be sold this way? see attached photo.
If you want to see an inside photo let me know but its just got the V sim and a satellite inc. antenna inside.

Best regards,

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Re: USB Vsim tidy up
27.02.2017 08:55:06
Hi Ian,

thank you for sharing. Probably a mod which won't make it into production, but a nice thing to do if you want to clean up things.

I once used a box from a servo, to make up a power strip so I was able to connect multiple chargers to one power source, wires to the source and three sets of connectors.

Kind regards


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