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Logo 700 Build/Setup

geschrieben von Jesse Kavros 
Logo 700 Build/Setup
02.12.2016 19:11:48
Hi All,

Just thought I would share some pictures and build info about my new Logo 700!

Setup is as follows:

Kit: Logo 700 (Stock kit)
Motor: Scorpion 4525-520kv w/ 6x55mm Shaft
Pinion: 14T
ESC: Scorpion 160HV Commander Opto (Will switch to Tribunus once released)
Servos: Xpert R1's for Cyclic, Xpert R1T for Tail
FBL Unit: V-Bar NEO w/ Pro Software
Batteries: Thunder Power 12S 5000mAh 70C Stick Pack
RX Pack: Thunder Power 2S 1350mAh
Connectors: RCProPlus S6 for main batteries, RCProPlus D4 for rx pack
Blades: VTX 717, Edge 105SE Tail Blades

For flying parameters:

Collective Pitch: +13o/-12.5o
Cyclic Pitch: 8.3o
Agility: ~108
Gain: ~67
Tail Gain: ~70

As far as the optimizers and expert values, they are almost stock. I have not adjusted them much.

RPMs: 1400-1800-2160

Build/Setup Tips:

For me, I decided to hard mount all my servos, with doing this, all the servos need to be properly spaced forward to get the geometry correct again. I used the plastic servo spacers that Mikado used to sell with the 500/600 kits. They provied the correct spacing and make installation very simple.

In regards to the head damping i have chosen the existing setup from the old 700 XXTreme: 80-80-90. The 90 durometer damper is on the outside.

One other thing I came across was the tail pushrod seemed a bit on the long side. I would suggest trimming it down 5mm before you glue the ends on. I had to move my servo horn one spline to compensate for the length.

Overall, it is a very very smooth build. From opening the box to being ready to fly, it took me about 7 hours. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thanks, Jesse

Re: Logo 700 Build/Setup
05.12.2016 10:20:10
Hi Jesse,

thank you for sharing smiling smiley

What weight do you get, with this setup and the batteries fully charged?



Born to fly ...
forced to work.
Re: Logo 700 Build/Setup
05.12.2016 16:56:17
Hi Eddi,

With this setup, its right around 5.6kg or 12.5 lbs. These batteries are a bit on the heavier side.

But it flies very well, regardless!

Re: Logo 700 Build/Setup
06.12.2016 09:27:00
Thanks Jesse,

now all we need is a Kavros style video, with nice scenery and unexpected viewing angles grinning smiley

Send greetings to iDad, will you?



Born to fly ...
forced to work.
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