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About VBar Control / Über VBar Control 
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Device page broken

by RichardV
384 2 11/26/2022 07:06AM
Last Post by RV

Integrity check errors Attachments

by helicraze
422 7 11/25/2022 01:54PM
Last Post by helicraze

760 pulse option on cyclic servos? New NEO?

by OICU812
1,546 24 11/24/2022 08:54AM
Last Post by Eddi E. aus G.


by heliklausi
478 5 11/23/2022 01:35PM
Last Post by Eddi E. aus G.

Can't make preorder at shop.mikado Attachments

by Jock_rst
447 3 11/23/2022 09:51AM
Last Post by Jock_rst

VBar Control Touch

by knnytro
676 6 11/22/2022 10:15AM
Last Post by Eddi E. aus G.

Vbar touch and kontronik kolibri 140 HV

by Carlo Scheerder
390 2 11/19/2022 06:39PM
Last Post by RV

Flight Trainer

by Rainer2019
656 3 11/14/2022 10:55AM
Last Post by Rainer2019

Keyboard Vbar Control touch

by eusjan
452 3 11/14/2022 09:49AM
Last Post by eusjan

Flight Trainer Zyklisches Training mit Piro-Drehrate?

by Milindur
469 2 11/14/2022 09:31AM
Last Post by Eddi E. aus G.

VBar Control Basic Flight Trainer Edition Sim Attachments

by anders_norlin
517 2 11/12/2022 11:06AM
Last Post by RV

VBCT Screen blank after update Attachments

by jakeg1999
417 3 11/11/2022 12:53AM
Last Post by jakeg1999

Hochschalten aus Leerlauf zerlegt Freilauf

by Robert801
503 2 11/09/2022 06:57PM
Last Post by RV

New Sim Reflex over WiFi

by anders_norlin
466 3 11/08/2022 05:47PM
Last Post by RV

Battery preselection for every model - Pro version

by anders_norlin
562 7 11/08/2022 11:33AM
Last Post by WFEGb

VBar Control Touch Update

by morro_lucky
647 5 11/07/2022 06:30PM
Last Post by RV

New apps for Mikado Flight Trainer not in Store on VBCt visible

by anders_norlin
462 5 11/07/2022 08:17AM
Last Post by anders_norlin

Regler Assisten VBar Control Touch

by bikeschmid
479 3 11/03/2022 07:09AM
Last Post by bikeschmid

WIFI in my buddies VBCt

by steffgiguere
546 6 10/28/2022 01:16PM
Last Post by steffgiguere

X45H program

by alcastan
798 12 10/17/2022 08:56AM
Last Post by Eddi E. aus G.

Gov Runup Limit vs Bailout

by RichardV
492 2 10/14/2022 11:24PM
Last Post by RV

VBar Control Touch Loading / Saving a setup file

by TimSeal24
1,242 4 10/13/2022 06:20PM
Last Post by rescueman09

Saving setups to VBC Touch radio

by johnahamelv
647 5 10/02/2022 06:09AM
Last Post by johnahamelv

Macrozellen App für LapTop oder Tablett

by mbotechman
1,025 1 09/15/2022 11:30AM
Last Post by mbotechman

Vcontrol apps

by atomiccomp
658 2 09/15/2022 08:30AM
Last Post by RV

NEO tuning parameters for F3C style   (Pages: 1 2)

by anders_norlin
6,542 35 09/14/2022 12:46AM
Last Post by Runarsk

Low Cyclic Calibration

by RichardV
594 2 09/12/2022 01:20PM
Last Post by RV

Re: eigene Bilder auf vbar touch

by Bernd_Schmid
579 2 09/11/2022 09:09AM
Last Post by RV

Aufschaukeln übers Roll

by Sylphide
692 5 09/09/2022 07:01AM
Last Post by Sylphide

any interest in this

by thebirdman
768 3 09/07/2022 03:00AM
Last Post by thebirdman