Version 5.3.4

This new upgrade implements some corrections that have popped up in the meantime.

It is recommended to upgrade to this new version if one of the topics below are touched.

The following issues have been adressed:

  • The dynamic drift correction could have calculated wrong values in some cases. This usually leads to a very slow drift at the end of a long flight. This is fixed with this version
  • Corrections of the governor management in case of bank switch usage. The ramps between the headspeeds and the startup ramps are now calculated better
  • New Governor Mode for AR Bailout in combination with bankswitching
  • Latest Bluetooth-Modules of Mikado are now supported directly
  • Some issues with Savox Servos that do not bootup sometimes have been fixed. However this does not work always, so there may be configurations where the fix dosen't help
  • Improved error reporting on switch on/off transitions of the governor
  • Adaption of PC software for the above issues

This version replaces version 5.3.1. The PC software can be downloaded here as always.