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No conncetion to serial silver VStabi unit

I've downloaded and installed 4.0 pc software but can't get a connection to my VStabi. I use a VStabi with silver sensor and serial (9 pin) connector

The new pc soft is default set to use with a "usb on board" stabi.

For use with a serial one do this changes:

- right click at the VStabi icon on your desktop - properties - at the line "target" very close to the end is a -u included - remove the -u and leave the possible rest behind it.

Now you have a serial connecting pc soft.


Pirouette optimization doesn't move

You never activated this feature in 3.6.36, so it is zeroed out.

Doesn't matter, load this file into your vbar, it contents only the parameter to set the piro opt to "active" ;-)

Please check the direction also.

Download the activating file pirouette optimization




My pc shows no types, only strange signs

ok ... i think Win XP Professional?

Some Win versions have got a problem to use their own fonts.

So, lets copy them from the Windows folder to the VStabi folder:

Copy from:


The font files of the Arial family to:


And all fonts will be shown correct.





The online update failed - VBar not operable

A possible error occured during the update, mostly caused by the USB connections.

Please do this steps:

- Download the recovery firmware in the link below
- unzip it on your harddrive
- connect VBar and pc
- start pc software
- in pc soft select File - Firmware Upload
- select the .trec file on your harddrive
- now turn on the RC power

The Upload should start now. Please take note that this firmware is a non-flyable version. It is necessary to redo the online update again after this step has finished.

Download the recovery file here